Aug 3, 2019

The Lobster Girl selected for Der Greif Guest Room by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett Curator - July 2019 

Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo has provided the following quote from ‘The Laughing Alligator’ by Juan Downey 1979: “I discover that I would like to be eaten up by some Indians of the Amazon rainforest, not as a self-sacrifice, at least not consciously, but as a demonstration of the ultimate architecture. To inhabit, to mourn both physically and psychologically within the human being, who would eventually eat me.”
Guest Room aims to spark collaborations. That’s why Emma Bowkett is teaming up with Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo, curator and PhD Student from École Nationale de Photographie (ENSP) and based in Arles in choosing the theme for this instalment.