Sep 14, 2014

'Balti - Unmeasured Measurements' : A short film made in collaboration with Jasleen Kaur for London Design Week 2014

Our short film 'Balti - Unmeasured Measurements' (made in collaboration with designer Jasleen Kaur) will be screened at several events during London Design Week... 


Balti: Unmeasured Measurement
Balti (ball-tee) noun. 1. A bucket 2. A type of curry

A film about the daily process of cooking Langar in the kitchen of Polloksheilds Sikh Temple in Glasgow. The cooks’ intuitive methods of preparing food in mass quantities, is an unwritten skill known only by a handful of members in the community. Cooking alongside them, we recorded their recipes by marking buckets with the volumes of each ingredient to create a series of measuring tools for cooking en masse.

Titles by Christina Forman


Tuesday 16th Sept at SCP - Simplified Beauty

Wednesday 17th September - Leila's Cafe (by invitation only)

Sat 20th September at The Saturday Market Project