Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh Pammy. 2012

Pamela Anderson © Rachel Louise Brown. 2011

Whilst on assignment for British Vogue I took these shots of Pamela Anderson. Being completely fascinated with body language they've always stuck in my mind. Imagine 20 photographers, all male apart from me, crowded around her, hustling and bustling, shouting her name. It was like being in a boxing ring trying to keep my place. Flashes going off every mili second. Pamela rotating between composure and resembling a rabbit in headlights. It was how I imagine hell to be... but the shot had to be taken. Here are my two. The first shows Pammy being interviewed by a very attractive, charming male interviewer. All of her attention was on him. Then she turned to me for a second. 'Pamela, can I take your image for Vogue' I said. 'If you must' she scoffed. One flash and I was pushed out of the lions den. Spot the difference!