Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two prints from 'The Boarding School' series to be auctioned at the Hotshoe Gallery Fundraiser for Japan

For JapanA sale of photographic prints for and about Japan by established and emerging photographers. All proceeds go to Architecture for Humanity’s post tsunami reconstruction projects. 
Viewing  2–5 August 2011
Print sale  Friday 5 August 18.00–21.00
Architecture for Humanity London and Hotshoe Gallery are hosting a charity print sale & auction to raise funds for the long term reconstruction in the tsunami devastated north east region of Japan. Photographs were submitted following an open call for images. The brief was to evoke and celebrate Japanese culture. The response was overwhelming with over 500 entries from both established and emerging photographers from all around the world.
100 photographs were selected. They will be on show from 2nd August and will go up for auction at Hotshoe Gallery 5th August from 6pm. All the photographs are C-type prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. They come framed and are 30x40cm. The starting donation will be £50. There will be an opportunity to place higher bids for the prints.
The proceeds will go to Architecture for Humanity’s Japan reconstruction programme working on the ground in Sendai. Projects include an orphanage, an art and music therapy centre, and an ‘urban acupuncture’ initiative to help get small businesses back on their feet as a way to kick start local economic recovery. On the drawing board is also a small scale fishing village – rebuilding along the coastline is not included in the Japanese government’s 10 year plan. The Sendai operation is being headed up by a team of top Japanese architects and overseen by the charity’s founder, Cameron Sinclair. 
As well as the exhibition there will be a video sent from the team on the ground in Sendai. 
A ‘for Japan’ poster will also be for sale.
Hotshoe Gallery
29-31 Saffron Hill  London EC1N 8SW
Farringdon Underground
Telephone  0207 421 6009
Opening times  12.00–17.00 Tuesday –Saturday
Nearest Tube station: Farringdon

The photographers:

Alekh Ajayaghosh
Maxwell Anderson
Rumi Ando
Guy Archard
Jake Baggaley
Jamie Box
Rachel Brown
Jake Burge
Douglas Capron
James Carney
Akos Czigany
Kate Elliott
Meighan Ellis
Niccolò Fano
Lisa Fleming
Ryo Fujimoto 
Clare Gallagher
Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
Yuri Gomi
Brian Griffin
Sunil Gupta
Tom Hartford
Fiona Harvey
Kelly Hill
Thom Hudson
Tom Hunter
Marcin Jary
James O Jenkins
Maria Kapajeva
Heidi Kayla
Fujimi Kawase
Don Yoon Kim
Yuki Kinshino
Shiho Kito
Karen Knorr
Bashi Kolibarova
Koichi Kuroda
Marten Lange
John Maclean
William Macrel
Masayo Matsudo
Nektarios Markogiannis
Peter McDonnell
Chris Meigh-Andrews
Sara Naim
David Nix
Laura Noel
Jenny Nordquist
Yuji Obata
Eye Ohashi
Alex Pavlou
Mariadna Perez
Peter Puklus
Bruno Quinquet
Pedro Ramos
Andras Ridovics
Stephen Roe
Christina Saez
Micah Sarut
Yann Sivault
Candice Shavalia
Kiryu Shinsuke 
Evsen Sobek
Rachel Stanley
Go Takayama
Rasmus Vasli
Donald Weber