Saturday, November 6, 2010

'The Story of S' - Paris 2010. Tests


S is a body in space, a character, travelling a path that uncontrollably forms itself. S is a performance; reacting to the individual spaces and bodies that cross her path. Is S real or a representation? Does S feel or is she fantasy? Every time the location changes, the movement alters and the story must progress.

 Life it seems can exist only through a collation of photographs. Time continues, unstoppable; the moment dies. The photograph embodies the image of a body in space, at a particular moment; a puncture in the continuous framework of time. The imagination must narrate, subjectively that which exists only as a fragment. The photograph embodies a memory of emotion that can only be imagined; did it ever exist? 

S searches for the emotions of 'Fear' & 'Desire' in an attempt to feel what is real. S searches for images that can fill the void of what can only be visualised through representation. A way to make tangible that which can only be experienced in the self. 

S is a detective, an anthropologist and an auteur. With a child's eye she is curious. The camera becomes the key to other worlds. The dead object an extension of her eye; a key to a world that only exists through it. She abstracts the representation further away from the real. 

S invites the bodies crossing her path to become a part of the story that doesn't exist. Is S a voyeur or a director? The Story of S relies on the memories and emotions of the bodies that characterize it.  They become that whom they think they should be; a performance. 

  Using the world as its script, spaces as its stage and strangers as its characters. The story exists only as images. Interwoven, collaborative narratives created with strangers in strange places. 








The Story of S will never exist beyond ones imagination. 


Many thanks to the City of Paris & those who answered my casting call and became characters so far. The project is ongoing for the next 6 weeks. Please email me at to take part. 


The story will be unravelling itself progressively over the next two months... web url to follow shortly.