Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Exquisite Corpse Collective


It is my honour to now be a part of the Exquisite Corpse Collective. A group of highly talented photographers building up on the narrative of the visual image.........

Exquisite corpse photo is a photography collective that uses the exquisite corpse method of collaboration, in which words or images are collectively assembled. Each contributor builds upon the last person’s contribution, thus making it a never-ending narrative of thought. For our little project here, one photographer posts a photo that is in direct response to the previous photo in the queue. Whether that is based on content or aesthetic is up to the photographer.  Sometimes these connections are not completely evident to the viewer upon first glance. If for some reason one of the collective do not produce images that make sense within the larger context of the project, they will be immobilized and punished in ways that are unimaginable.