Friday, October 17, 2008

Second Life Opening - Noise Festival 2008

This is a screen shot of my profile page where the curator of the Noise Festival 2008 Photography Section - Richard Billingham - judged the work. I received 4 outstanding awards and one excellent award :) To see the profile and rosettes go to

On 26th September celebrated the best of 2008 submissions with a ‘Second Life Launch Party’, which was streamed live via the Liverpool BBC Big Screen.

The launch party was a huge success and marked the beginning of the October Festival, when NOISE will be spotlighting and promoting the best of over 9,000 submissions to The public and members of the press were invited to visit the Launch online by logging in to the Oldham Second Life Island, who hosted the event. Visitors were given the chance to network with NOISE Curator’s; including Badly Drawn Boy and Zaha Hadid, and a selection of artists.

The virtual exhibition, which also includes a DJ mix from Liverpool’s ‘No Fakin DJs’ of the best music alongside works from the Fine Art, Fashion, Design, Architecture, Photography, and Moving Image categories will be hosted on the Oldham Second Life Island throughout October.

...This was the strangest thing I have ever been part of. Imagine creating a character and then dancing in a virtual world with Badly Drawn Boy. I mean who would have ever thought that possible! A fake world based on reality, or reality based on a fake world? I mean its great to have these links and bring the whole world together. I found Second Life strangely addictive, from the gestural moves of dancing to being addressed by the virtual avatar of Noise Festival's director to simply wandering around (or flying) and discussing peoples work. I am unsure how much justice the actual platform of Second Life does for the work visually and presume it is very difficult to sell work - particularly as this is the first time someone has attempted an online launch of its kind... but it is definitely a way to go! And what's nice about it? The usual etiquette of gallery launches, the stiff static environments, the air kissing and quietly wandering around wondering who is who is removed!