Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Noise Festival 2008 - Second Life Opening - Richard Billingham - Its a strange virtual world!

I Want To Be Just Like You has been chosen along with 129 emerging artists from 9000 submissions for a revolutionary art festival. Run annually by Noise 2008's festival is to be showcased on Second Life. There will be an exhibition opening on Friday 26th September between 6pm - 8.30pm on Manchesters Island and will be attended by the artists and also industry professionals. The launch is also to be screened on huge bbc screens throughout Manchester and Liverpool city centres. The photography section has been curated by Richard Billingham so I feel truly honored to have been selected. Although trying to get to grips with Second Life is very very frustrating but I have just learnt to fly after approx 5 hours of trying :) Hopefully by Friday Ill have figured out how to change my appearance so I look less like a gremlin! If you know how to use Second Life I'll see you there!